Helmet Libraries provide you with access to plenty of music material as well as services and events that support the pursuit of music as a hobby. The libraries have music instruments that you can borrow and music and recording studios that you can book for your own use. The Helmet web library’s search function will help you find the music items that you are looking for. You can also use the advanced search to limit your search to specific types of items, such as sheet music, recordings or objects. Try out Helmet Music Challenge, if you dare!

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Online materials

Naxos music services

Helmet Libraries offer their customers the opportunity to listen to music in three different Naxos online services. There are over two million songs available on the services, and the selection is constantly expanding.

Naxos Music Library allows you to listen to classical music. The service also features some folk music, as well as older blues and jazz music. In addition to actual music, the service offers a massive amount of information about music, such as record cover booklets, ready-made playlists, opera plot descriptions and librettos. The service is also available as a mobile app.

Naxos Music Library Jazz provides access to a collection of thousands of jazz records from different eras. The service also features ready-made playlists that can help you familiarise yourself with legendary jazz pianists, for example. The service is also available as a mobile app.

Naxos Music Library World provides access to a comprehensive collection of world and ethnic music. The collection features records from all over the world. The service is also available as a mobile app.

Instructions for using Naxos services. is a video service that provides you with access to thousands of top-quality videos of concerts, operas and ballets, as well as documentaries and teaching materials. features more than 3,000 videos of concerts, operas and ballets, as well as documentaries and master classes. The music is mostly classical, but jazz is also included. also broadcasts more than 150 live events each year from the world's most prestigious concert halls, festivals and competitions, in collaboration with top producers and artists. Live broadcasts can usually be viewed on the service for a period of three months.

Instructions for using Medici-tv

Rockwayn online courses

Rockway online courses can help you learn an instrument, singing and recording, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician. There are 69 video courses available on various topics, from guitar playing to singing technique. The service also includes a metronome, a tuner and a recording option. All courses are provided in Finnish.

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You can use Helmet Libraries’ music studios to record and edit music yourself. There are studios at Entresse, Iso Omena, Itäkeskus, Oodi, Pasila, Sello, Tapiola and Tikkurila libraries. You can book studios located in Espoo and Helsinki via Varaamo and studios located in Vantaa via Timmi.

Practice rooms

Helmet Libraries have practice rooms available for band practices. There are practice rooms at Etelä-Haaga, Iso Omena, Itäkeskus, Lippulaiva, Maunula, Oodi, Pasila, Sello, Tikkurila and Töölö libraries.

You can book practice rooms via Varaamo (Espoo and Helsinki) and Timmi (Vantaa).


You can sing karaoke in Tikkurila, Oodi and Lippulaiva libraries.

Musical instruments and equipment

Helmet Libraries have a variety of musical instruments in their collections, including guitars, pianos and drums, as well as less common instruments, such as banjos, cajon drums and guitaleles. Some of the instruments can only be played at the libraries. You can use the Helmet web library’s search function to search for instruments by name.

Instruments and equipment in the library

Are we missing an instrument? Send us an acquisition request!


Do you want to digitise your old vinyl records, cassette tapes or other analogue materials?

Our digitisation services and the libraries that offer them are listed below. The equipment is used on a self-service principle, but library staff are happy to provide guidance on their use, as necessary.

  • Vinyl to CD: Itäkeskus, Sello, Tikkurila
  • Vinyl to memory stick: Oodi, Pasila
  • VHS to DVD: Pasila, Vuosaari, Kauniainen
  • Cassette tape to to MP3: Tikkurila
  • Cassette tape to to CD: Itäkeskus
  • Digitisation of sheet music: Oodi, Tikkurila (A3-scanner)
  • Digitisation of photographs and films: Tikkurila

In Oodi's digitisation studio, you can convert video cassettes, audio recordings, and 8mm films to digital format. Save your files to a hard drive, USB stick, or the cloud.

Video formats:

  • VHS / S-VHS
  • Video8 / MiniDV / DVCAM / DVCPRO / HDV / 8mm film

Audio formats:

  • Cassette tape
  • DCC
  • DAT
  • MiniDisc
  • LP / Vinyl record

Ask about music

Here you can submit a question about music that you have been unable to find an answer to elsewhere. The questions submitted are answered by Finnish music library professionals. The more specific the information you can provide with your question, the easier it will likely be to answer.

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