Customer computers and printing

You can use a customer computer in all Helmet libraries.

The staff provides guidance in using computers, as needed. The library also organises beginners' computer and internet courses. Ask your library for more information.

In Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa computers are available without reservation.

In most libraries in Helsinki, computers can be used without booking. However, there are a few bookable workspaces in Helsinki with a customer computer. You can book these spaces through the Varaamo service using the search term “asiakastietokone”.

Printing at the Espoo City library

Espoo libraries use the Princh service for printing, photocopying and scanning. Printing is secure because the papers are only printed when the customer releases the printouts themselves with a one-time code at the multifunction printer.

At the library you can print from the customer computers. The printing software also allows printing from a personal computer via the network or from a smart device. You can send prints from your computer at the Princh printing site ( You can instal the Princh printing app to your smart device from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can find more detailed instructions for printing, copying and scanning on the City of Espoo website. On the same page you can also find a list of printer numbers for each library.

Printing and copying costs €0.20 per file page. There is however no charge for printing or copying fewer than 20 pages if the document is necessary for employment, welfare, immigration or social benefits. In addition, no fee is charged to persons under the age of 18 for prints or copies of less than 20 pages. Scanning is free of charge at the library.

Printing from your own device in Helsinki City Library

Create a user account at

Activate your account by clicking Activate your account link in the email you received. Save the personal PIN code given in the email and the password for your account. The same PIN code is used for printing in all branches of Helsinki City Library. The printouts cost €0.40 per sheet. After printing, pay for the printouts at the library customer service.

On your own device

  • Log in to the printing service at You can change the interface language from the Dropdown menu.
  • Open the Dropdown menu and click Upload job.
  • Click Tap here to add print job and find the files you want to print from your device. You can select multiple files at once, if your device supports this option.
  • Click Upload to send the files to the printing queue. You can select more files by clicking Add file. Enter your PIN code on the library printer to release your printouts.

Printing in Kauniainen city library

In the Kauniainen library you can print, copy and scan during service hours. These services are not in use when the library is open for self-service.

The library uses a printing application called Princh. The application allows you to print from your own computer or mobile device as well.

Printing is 0,40 € per page. The printsouts can be paid either at the library service desk or via online payment.

The library staff is happy to help if you need any assistance.

Printing from the library computers

Start printing as usual with the program you are using. When you click the print button, the computer will open a Princh window. Now you can choose your preferred settings.

If you wish to pay at the desk, fill in your name so that the library staff can identify your document and release it for printing.

Printing from your own computer or device

You can print from your computer using the Princh printing site. Enter the printer number 103016 and follow the instructions on the site.

If you wish to pay at the desk, fill in your name so that the library staff can identify your document and release it for printing.


Copies are 0,40€ a page. You can pay for them at the library service desk.


You can scan documents and photos with the multifunction device at the library, free of charge. Files from the scanner can be sent directly to an e-mail address. Alternatively, scanned documents can be saved to a memory stick. You can use your own memory stick or borrow one for use in the library from the staff.

Printing and photocopying at Vantaa libraries

You need a library card for printing, photocopying, and scanning documents. You can easily register for the printing system with your library card. You only need to register once, and your identifiers will be valid until further notice. The employees help you when required.

You can photocopy up to 20 black-and-white or two color sheets per day. Printing and copying are free of charge.

You can only print from library computers. It is not possible to print using your own device.

You can also scan paper documents into digital form. The scanned files will be directly sent to the email address you specified in connection with registering. It is not possible to scan to a USB flash drive.


Printing costs are city-specific.

In Espoo, the printing and copying fee is €0.20 per page. In some cases, customers may be offered up to 20 free printouts per visit.

Vantaa free of charge 20 pages/customer.

Helsinki: €0,40/page (3D prints €0,70). The library will not return any unused money left in the printing service.

Kauniainen €0,40/page

User regulations for customer computers

Welcome to use customer computers at Helmet Library!

  1. Use of customer computers is free of charge. Fees for printouts are itemized in the library's table of prices.
  2. Use your own IDs only. They are personal, and you are responsible for their use.
  3. Library employees are happy to help you. Keep in mind, however, that you are responsible for your net transactions.
  4. Respect other network users and other library customers.
  5. Respect the citizens' joint property.
  6. The library is not responsible for any damages caused by computer use.
  7. In case of criminal investigation, authorities are entitled to user data.
  8. The library is not responsible for damages caused by technical malfunctions, other network users, or users' actions.
  9. The library specifies the terms for reservation.
  10. As a user of the library's customer computers, data networks and systems, you are obliged to adhere to these rules. If you fail to comply with the rules, the library can temporarily bar you from using the computers. The procedure applied is User Regulations for the HelMet Library, Loss of user rights.